How can I get clients to be more accountable?


& how can I find people who are actually willing to change?

These are the questions Personal Trainers ask me the most...It's like a David Attenborough documentary, use his voice to say, How to find those elusive, almost mythical creatures called clients that will do as you say and want to commit to a transformation.....

Trainers often don't realize that the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems are not one individuals ‘ideas’ or ‘beliefs’, MP has developed from thousands of trainers and clients failures and successes. That is, MP is a completely unbiased, clear pathway of exactly what needs to be done for success and also highlights all the reasons why Personal Trainers have difficulties in their business.

Also just to be clear - success is not a full appointment book training clients.

To me, success simply means helping people and having great options in life, every day.

Due to the nature of their business, Personal Trainers can become isolated and may work hard for years without progressing.

How do you make clients accountable? How do you find people who are willing to change?

The answers to those questions often do not reside in whom you work with on the gym floor.

Often it comes down to the number of corners you are cutting with yourself and your business.

So how do you identify where you might be missing the mark?

See the questions below, each one deserves its own in-depth blog but for now if you can't answer yes truthfully to each one of these they will show you clearly where you need to focus. 

1. You have completed or are currently completing a great transformation on yourself (not living off one you did 3-5 years ago or even 12 months ago). YES/NO

2. You constantly document your progress (and lack off progress) to your audience so they can see your struggles are the same as theirs and that you are genuine. YES/NO

3. You have created a great audience and talk to them regularly with authentic content.  YES/NO

This is crucial, building an audience doesn’t happen in a few months, building a great audience that will buy into what you do can take a year or few to develop and the longer you commit to this, the stronger your audience becomes.

4. You don’t think you are worth following, really? YES/NO

You don’t have to wear a red cape and have an ‘S’ on your chest for people to follow you. On social media, the more real you appear to be, the better. A great example is our MP Facebook Community, Shar or I can post a great educational training or cooking video/tip in our own community (the community that we created) and it’s lucky to get 20-40 likes and zero interaction. Where as an overweight MP client posts a pic of having lost 10 or 20 kgs with a gut-wrenching story full of their mistakes and excuses and it gets 100-200+ likes and comments. People respond to people they can relate to.

Merideth sat in her MP Coaches facebook group for nearly 2 years before she acted.

5. You have a clear product (solution) with a great offer, that makes people feel like they will miss out bad if they don’t take you up. YES/NO

Trainers that sell/promote their credentials or ‘Nutrition Coaching’, or ‘wellness’ are clueless and they suffer in silence. You need to think of your product like kids in the playground - create something people desperately want to be a part of. When MP Coaches access the Ultimate Online Coach CMS there is a great step by step video series on how to create a Transformation product that people want to be a part of.

6. You don’t let the numbers scare or deter you. YES/NO

Selling anything is a numbers game and you cannot sell something to everyone – no matter how good it is. For example, if you have 10 people in your community, you will have done very, very well if just 1 commits to a transformation. If you have 100 people in your community and 5 sign on for your transformation – well done! If you have 200 people in your community and talk to them regularly, and 10 people want to work with you that is fantastic, great work! Whether it's 2 or 25 people, keep going as everyone else will be watching the progress, ready for next time.

7. You are resilient and don’t lose your nerve easily. YES/NO

Building something great takes years, and often longer than you would like it to. Building a business will break you in every sense of the word... and more then once. Are you ready to be broken? Days you want to walk away from it all, have tears of frustration in your eyes and feel completely exhausted. Feel empty, broken physically, mentally, spiritually for weeks, even months? I have, and it happens repeatedly, about every 2-3 years.

When cash is always tight, or you get your 12th ‘no thank you’ or that drop out, when you really didn't need it. Maybe you've been blogging/posting for months with little attention, these are all normal aspects of running a business. You are not failing. Quite simply, what you are doing is not working so it needs to improve, and that's okay. Don't lose your nerve, play the victim and revert back to your old ways.

Simon Tetley didn't hand in a shred of data to his On-line Coach! But his Coach never harassed him. Never make assumptions just give support as your client learns and implements what they can when they can. 

8. You have a burning, gut wrenching reason (hunger) why you are building a business? YES/NO

There it is isn’t it? Maybe things are comfortable and you don’t really need to take the plunge, or put the work in? Maybe deep down you know your husband will take care of things. Or you have your 8-12 regular clients and are happy with putting up with their BS and excuses for the steady income? There is absolutely nothing wrong with these decisions. But you also need to accept this is why you have not been able to progress and find people who are willing to transform your business.

9. To get where you want to be, means building something you’ve never built before. Do you know where you want to be? A tangible end point? Even if it is as unfashionable as being mortgage or debt free? YES/NO

10. You accept that everything good or bad that happens to you in your life, you are 100% responsible for. YES/NO

Nuff said.

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