Creatine for type-2 diabetes


I have type-2 diabetes, I wanted to ask if creatine would be suitable to use during my training?

Creatine’s role in health is reaching far beyond just building bigger stronger muscles. Creatine is now used as an adjunct therapy for treating many neurological disorders including Altzihemers, Parkinsons, brain injury and the various forms muscle distrophies. [1]

The case for creatine supplementation to assist in improving blood glucose control is also strong. 

Creatine can improve hyperglycemia, typical of Huntington transgenic mice, delaying the onset of diabetes. In support of this, another study verified that creatine can reduce the insulinogenic index in an animal model of inherited type 2 diabetes. Also, creatine combined with aerobic training promoted greater improvement on glucose tolerance than aerobic training alone in physically inactive males.

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Based on this, a group of researchers from the University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil conducted a study to investigate the effects of creatine supplementation combined with exercise training on glycemic control in type 2 diabetic patients.[2]

The exciting aspect is, there is now data to suggest creatine supplementation can modulate expression of key proteins and genes related to insulin sensitivity and glycemic control (e.g., GLUT-4, protein kinase B, myocyte enhancer factor-2, insulin-like growth factor-1)

Creatine can provide therapeutic role for the metabolic control in type 2 diabetic patients and there is convincing evidence that creatine can modulate glucose uptake in people at high risk of type-2 diabetes mainly via an increase in GLUT-4 recruitment to the sarcolemma. MP Advisor Dr Paul Henning PhD, recently provided a full report on this research, you can read here.

Always consult your physician, but if you can lift weights, supplementation with creatine will probably help you get a better result.

Recommended Reading

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