The NEW Transformation Cookbook

That’s a question I often get asked even though I won two world titles over 19 years ago and have never competed since…

Shar Sault

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Recipe Comparisons

shar’s beef lasagna

  • 1307.6 kJ
  • Protein - 37.6g
  • carbs - 20.1g
  • Fat - 10.7g

traditional beef lasagna

  • 2047.0 kJ
  • Protein - 37.2g
  • carbs - 44.0g
  • Fat - 25.4g

shar’s not butter chicken

  • 1837.0 kJ
  • Protein - 34.0g
  • carbs - 9.0g
  • Fat - 3.0g

take - away butter chicken

  • 2047.0 kJ
  • Protein - 33.2g
  • carbs - 10.3g
  • Fat - 34.8g

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Recipe Comparisons

shar’s praline Mousse

  • 567.0 kJ
  • Protein - 15.1g
  • carbs - 12.6g
  • Fat - 2.7g

Restaurant Mousse

  • 1911.0 kJ
  • Protein - 8.4g
  • carbs - 32.0g
  • Fat - 32.4g

shar’s guilt free hawaiian pizZa

  • 640.9 kj (2 pieces pr serve)
  • Protein - 18.0g
  • carbs - 9.8g
  • Fat - 4.6g

Supermarket Hawaiian Pizza

  • 1167.5 kJ (2 pieces pr serve)
  • Protein - 16.2g
  • carbs - 32.5g
  • Fat - 8.7g

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