My Fav Home Workouts


I have a confession...

I know many are excited and getting ready to hit the gym again however, I've fallen in love with working out at home!

And working out with no equipment!  

That's coming from someone that's always trained in gyms.  I love visiting gyms and I've trained in some of the best gyms in the world. The hard core muscle gyms and the big new state of the art sports facilities. However, since we've been under Covid lockdown, I've really enjoyed working out at home. And working out with very little to no equipment.  

So this week I wanted to share one of my fav home workouts, as yes you can do this one without any equipment. No Equipment required! This one is called Total Core as we've designed it to hit all aspects of your core muscles in multi movement planes and dimensions. Best of all its a killer, and you'll love it. 

[insert Total Core vid]

Total Core is one of my No Equipment Needed body shaping workouts. You gain access to my workout series in The Transformation Cookbook. 

[insert pic of Abs & Buns cover] 

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