Berry-Beet Pitaya Bowls


Have you had your dose of phytochemicals this week? Nutrition research shows that vibrant red and bright pink fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, such as lycopene and anthocyanin’s that help your body fight disease and promote good health. Berry-Beet Pitaya Bowls will ensure you get a delicious phytochemical dose.

If you love fruit, the red pitaya, commonly known as dragon fruit, is the star ingredient. The rich, ruby red flesh/pulp has a beautiful sweet taste and texture, its not over powering and really complements the earthy, sweet texture of the beets. Love to hear your feed back if you think this is a meal or a dessert.

125g cooked peeled baby beets 
1½ cups of mixed berries 
1 large pear, cored and diced
½ red pitaya / dragon fruit
1 tsp fresh ginger, grated
1 tbls apple cider vinegar
1 X 170g tub of low fat chobani yoghurt (flavoured or plain)
½ scoop (15g) of vanilla protein powder

To serve:
garnish with fresh mint leaves
½ cup goji berries (fresh or dried)
2 tbls fresh chopped walnuts, (optional)
2 tbls grated dark chocolate
1 cup fresh strawberries, chopped (optional)
flaxseed meal or oil

What To Do:
1. Combine baby beets, mixed berries, pear and grated ginger in your blender. Pulse blend on high until smooth.

2. Add the flesh of the red pitaya to the blender (use a spoon to scoop out the flesh), yoghurt, and vinegar. Place lid on top and blend well to combine.

3. Serve up into bowls or jars, top with goji berries, nuts and chocolate. Garnish with mint leaves.

When ready to eat, stir in ½ scoop (15g) of vanilla protein powder per bowl. Cover and refrigerate leftover bowls. Best eaten in 1-2 days.

Shar's Tip - Either cook your own beetroot, or use ready to eat pre-cooked baby beets found in the fresh produce section in most supermarkets. You can also use canned baby beets. Drain well and pat dry with a paper towel sheet, before using.

- Protein powders will begin to denature, (lose its health benefits) if not consumed straight away. Best to stir in protein when ready to eat.

- Substitute protein powder with soy based alternatives, to make this vegan friendly.

Serves:  4           Prep & Cooking time:  Less than 10 minutes

Nutrition Information: 894.1 kJ (per serve)
          Calories: 212.9    Protein: 19.0g     Carbs: 25.8g     Fat: 3.3g

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