Ultimate Online coach CMS


Introducing the Ultimate On-line Coach CMS

The Ultimate On-line Coach CMS (Content Management System) goes way beyond software – this is complete content management system MP Professionals can transform any number of clients on-line!

Why use the Ultimate On-line Coach CMS?

Unlike on-line coaching, Fitness Professionals utilizing the Ultimate On-line Coach CMS are not restricted by time, appointments or energy. The Ultimate On-line Coach CMS systems and structure enable professionals to coach 5 or 500 clients on-line at once with ease and precision. Clients have the benefit of working in their own time at their own pace through a completely professional transformation process on-line. Highly-interactive and resource-packed the Ultimate On-line Coach CMS gives the professional a level of refinement, value and personalization no on-line coaching service has ever achieved.

" I achieve my results on-line with my MP Transformation Coach "
" I won the MP Transformation Challenge working on-line with my MP Coach "

How does the Ultimate On-line Coach CMS work?

All data is secured in a purpose-built Central Management System (CMS). You do not need a web site. Simply log on, enter your clients details to get them on their way. All functionalities of the MP program are interactive applications on-line. You view detailed progress, provide personal communication and adjustments. This is a complete resource for transforming clients!

  • Metabolic Classification
  • Nutrition IQ
  • Exercise Systems & video libraries
  • Meal Construction & Compliance
  • Goal Setting & Accountability
  • The Secrets of Success
  • How to Reprogram Habits
  • How to be Calorie Aware
  • Plus more!!

Give your clients the most comprehensive, professional on-line coaching experience ever!

  • No more paper!
  • No PDF spreadsheets!
  • Centralizes all client data!
  • Perfect for Face to face or online clients!
  • Contact hours slashed!
  • No web site needed!

MP Professionals can access to the Ultimate On-line Coach CMS for just $299 per month. Fee includes:

  • Account setup!
  • No client number restrictions!
  • Email support!
  • All Maintenance & Upgrades!
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Successful On-line Coaching
  • No lock-in contracts!

No extra fees, no lock-in contracts!! We are constantly update and improve the Ultimate On-line Coach CMS, that means you will always have the most state-of-the-art On-line Coaching Platform available! This offer is strictly limited to MP Certified Professionals.

Become an MP Certified Professional! Take advantage of this months $500 discount on the Metabolic Nutrition qualification.