How do I get lean Workshop

  • Hit a frustrating plateau in your fat loss attempt this year?
  • Unsure of how to eat to get lean and stay lean?
  • Discover the nutrition secrets the Pro's use to get lean & look their best
  • Coaches - Learn the strategies to refine your clients programs to get them lean, fast!

Who is this workshop for?

If you followed MP or any other program and didn't get the results you'd hoped!

Personal Trainers, Nutrition Coaches and professionals that want to learn the finer points of getting people lean!

Looking to be your very best for that big occasion?

Don't miss this Exclusive workshop!!

Topics include:

  • How to eat carbs & get lean!
  • How to eat for your body shape!
  • Protein Cycling!
  • Learn when & when not to count calories!
  • Discover how to smash plateaus with nutrition strategies!
  • Mindset & motivation for that next level!
  • Real-life examples of food diary refinement
  • Meal selection & nutrition periodization
  • How to eat for your Competition – Fitness Model, Bikini,
    Figure & Bodybuilder.

the presenters

Trish Veug

As a World Champion herself in 2017 Trish has coached hundreds of clients to get lean Trish will cover real-life examples of food diary refinement, meal selection, mindset & motivation strategies, eating for Competition – Fitness Model, Bikini & Figure and more

Dr Paul Cribb

Creator of Metabolic Precision – a science based program responsible for transforming hundreds of thousands of lives. Paul will cover the clear science - including the physiology and physiology of how to get lean, the mistakes people make with food selection, fat loss metabolism, insulin, fat cell receptors, body shape and differences between men & women.

Dave Oulton

A former World Ranked Xtreme Event Champion Dave now specializes in getting people lean & shredded. Dave will teach you his secrets how to keep those great abs once you get 'em. How to read and refine nutrition data to give your clients that edge. Dave will provide real-life examples, real physiques, goals and aspirations.

Amy Benn

As a champion fitness competitor and professional model, Amy complete numerous freelance modelling jobs that require her to be available at short notice. She shares her nutrition and life secrets on how to stay photo-shoot-ready all year round. Amy will walk you through a typical day in her life that helps her achieve this look.

Shar Sault

Former Ms Natural Olympia x2 Shar always looks contest ready but has not competed for 19 years! What is her secret? Shar will spell out exactly what she eats & how to cook it to look contest ready all year round! Yes Shar will be delivering a live cooking demonstration of some of her go-to recipes and dishes.

What you receive:

  • Full day workshop with Trish, Dave, Amy, Shar and Dr Paul Cribb.
  • Jam-packed, detailed, cutting-edge information on how to shed fat & get lean
  • Hard copy manual printout of the day's contents
  • Attend the venue or watch live on-line!
  • Plus! exclusive access to the recorded version
  • Over 6 hours of footage!

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