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MP Level 1

Advanced Transformation Systems


Trish Veug

MP Registered Professional, WFF Figure champion

“I used the MP Level 3 to become a world class Figure Competitor” Trish Veug MP Professional, WFF Figure champion


Chris Mutimer

MP registered PROFESSIONAL, IRONMAN Competitor

“What you learn in MP Level 3 will help you plan you whole year so that every meal and training session counts.”

Practical & Theory Topics

1. Power training for explosive speed

Learn the theory and practical application of the science behind training for power and explosive speed. In the gym and classroom videos you will discover how to program, execute and teach the key exercises and techniques

2. Year-round programming for peak performance

Plan your entire year’s training & match your nutrition to your exercise through every training phase with the MP Systems. This is a must for Bodybuilders, fitness, figure and physique competitors. Our experts also walk you through how to prepare for extreme sports events such as Tough Mudder, Spartan and Ultra Events. athletic performance, recovery and much more!

3. Advanced training techniques in the gym

Learn how to manipulate the human force curve, the science of chain training, powerbands and explosive lifting techniques. Discover how to teach the key lifts for explosive speed and power.

4. Metabolic Nutrition for Athletes

Learn how to manipulate the Metabolic Window to suit any athletic demands. Get the formulas and equations and examples that ensure your athletes have a real nutritional edge over their competition.


Dave Oulton

MP REGISTERED PROFESSIONAL, Ultra Distance & Extreme Sports Champion

“With MP Level 3 I achieved my best ever results in Spartan 42Km Ultra Beast, North Face 100km and Worlds Toughest Mudder Las Vegas this year.”


Shar Sault

x2 Ms Olympia World Figure Champion

“I use the MP Level 3 systems  to stay in great shape all year round, train and compete Internationally in the professional division of Stand Up Paddle Board Events.”

MP LEVEL 3 Contains:

1. Tuition and Training

Over 30 Classroom & Workout videos.  Discover the strategies that increase explosive strength and power. Experience high intensity lifting coached by the professionals. Learn the correct exercise execution of the key lifts including power cleans, high-pulls and hang cleans.

2. Your Level 3 Manual

You receive the comprehensive MP Level 3 manual , over 250 pages includes, How to develop Explosive Power – The Theory & Science; Designing explosive resistance workouts; Designing ballistic training workouts; Designing Plyometric workouts; Teaching the Power Clean, High-pull and Hang Clean; Manipulating the human force curve. Periodization models basic, intermediate and advanced, template examples for Sports teams and individual athletes and practical applications; Advanced Metabolic Nutrition, Manipulating the Metabolic window for athletic performance, recovery and much more!

3. On-line Tutorials

MP Level 3 comes complete with over 20 video Classroom Tutorials for you to revise and consolidate what you have learned. The Science of Explosive power, Designing the workouts, Key aspects of teaching the lifts, Periodization models and template examples for Sports teams and individual athletes and practical applications. Learn the research, techniques and systems that will set you above the pack.

4. Professional Resources

You gain Level 3 Professional access to  - a complete on-line resource designed specifically to help you become an Expert in Programing and Periodization. Here is where you'll find; Periodization examples for athletes, bodybuilders, Physique Athletes, Team Sports, Ironman Events, Ultra Endurance Events, Advanced training techniques, Periodization for individuals &  team sports, plus more!

5. Certificate & Registration

Complete the assessment tasks & achieve MP Level 3 Advanced Transformation status. You receive a beautifully presented Certificate to showcase your qualification. Plus you become a registered MP Level 3 Professional on the extensive network. Promote yourself & your unique qualification to the world!

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  • Structured classroom on-line tuition.
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  • On-line Success & Support Program
  • Unlimited access to all Level 3 Resources
  • Hard copy materials shipped to your door
  • No Membership fees or registration fees
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