When will I see results?


That’s a question most clients would love a clear answer to.

It’s a very difficult question that most Coaches dread to answer without causing false expectations.

The problem is, as Coaches know, there are lots of variables to take into account before an answer to that question could even be considered.

When a person wants to change, they often don’t understand where their real starting point is. There are a myriad of factors to take into account that are going to influence the result of their efforts.... biological, environmental, physiological, chronological and psychological among others.

Another big obstacle is coaches and Fitness professionals don't have a simple, rapid, accurate method to determine where a client’s real starting point is, before an attempt at improvement.

This is where a science based system is essential.

After years of research and transforming thousands of people, I developed the Metabolic Classification System

What is Metabolic Classification?

Your Metabolic Classification determines a science-based clear starting point and timeline as to when significant changes will be experienced.

Metabolic Classification takes into account the science of body weight history, ethnicity, nutritional habits, perceptions, sleep patterns and the identification of metabolic blockers in relation to body composition, ageing and other research-based influences. Subsequent Metabolic Classification assessments also identify the next step in progression and program design.

See my short video of Metabolic Classification on-line.

Metabolically Classifying is designed to help determine not only health status and starting point for your journey but also a clear indication of the magnitude of change you will experience in any attempt at transformation.

It's important to remember that as an individual changes, so can their Metabolic Classification.

This change provides a clear reflection that a different approach to programing is required. This makes Metabolic Classifying a fantastic tool for identifying how and when to progress to subsequent programs, perfect for coaches that need tailored solutions.

The Metabolic Classification is a very cool on-line diagnostic tool that's part of the Ultimate On-line Coach CMS. Fitness Professionals 

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