Can you tell me what to Eat?


  change all this to: sure i can..... I can print it all out ......then go into Habits.

Ahh yes, the meal plan. It solves all drama about what you should eat - or does it?

Get your meal plan print out from your local or online "expert" and meticulously it solves your problems by scripting out every morsel of food that will cross your lips.

It's the answer you’ve been searching for isn't it? It's the solution that will finally help you to drop that unwanted weight.

It takes more than a meal plan to achieve this...Yvette May.

Eating x grams of spinach with x grams of boiled chicken, total of x amount of calories, certainly seems like the answer - right? 

Best of all, you don't have think.

Eat eggs only on Tuesdays, white fish on Thursdays. Drink only organic water on the hour daily, while wearing a grass skirt, circling a cocoas palm tree anti-clockwise chanting the Aung Setchesu...

The point is that we love to believe what people tell us, especially if it is very specific.

Most motivated people can follow a meal plan diligently for a few days, then usually by Friday it all becomes unstuck.

Those 4-5 glasses of chardy, chips and pizza last night - were they on the meal plan?!

Damn it! I'll get another meal plan from my "trainer" and start Monday!!

Then.....I don't like the look of that one - I'll get another....

Sound familiar?

Here are a few reasons why a meal plan print out will never work...

1. A meal plan will not turn a "good intention" into a lifestyle.

2. A meal plan will not provide the systems, tools and skills that construct an environment for the best chance possible for success.

3. We know Nutrition is never really about food.

So what is the solution?

Over my 25 years of teaching transformation, I've also found that when people want to change, they really want a complete experience in performance living - an exciting, engaging process that empowers them with the knowledge, skills and tools that give them the body they really want and, keep it.

That, in a nutshell is why I created Metabolic Precision.

Here's just a sample of what you will learn as a MP coach or client:

• How to critique the potential of any diet!
• Determine your clients nutritional IQ!
• Monitor & refine, no counting calories or following a diet!
• How to eat for any fitness-related goal!
• Metabolic Nutrition Timing: make food work for you!
• What the healthiest people in the world really eat!
• How to build Supplement programs!
• Metabolically precise meals in less than 10 minutes!
• Embrace religious, socio-economical and cultural diversities!
• Competitive bodybuilding, figure shaping & sports model nutrition programming
• Metabolic Classifying: identifies problems & the solutions, take your clients to the next level!

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