I bet you've never heard a personal trainer say this


For as long as I can remember, I thought I had to starve myself to lose weight.

I tried every diet you can imagine.

Every detox, every cleanse, every six week challenge, counting macros I did it all.

I did everything. And yet no matter what I did, I just got fatter!

Looking back, I laugh now at how silly I was. Sure, I was trying really hard, but the answer was glaringly obvious. You see, it’s not what I did when I was dieting and detoxing that made me fat. It’s all the stuff I did in-between. And it’s the stuff your clients do in-between that matters most.

But last year, I changed all that. I finally got real with myself. Yeah I’m a Personal Trainer and I could say that I did it to be a role model to my clients bla bla bla, but the truth is that I wanted to do it for myself. I was sick of feeling like a fraud.

I didn’t change, I just got real with myself and started applying what I was telling my clients.

It’s a confronting process to admit you’re struggling, but in doing so, I made some amazing discoveries... nutrition coaching really has nothing to do with writing meal plans, prescribing macros or what certifications your have.

Coaching is really about obtaining a true, honest starting point, the power of accurate data collection and creating accountability with out fear of appearing far from perfect.

I took myself through the Ultimate Online Coach CMS as a client. The process started to address these 'problems' one by one and guess what?

My body started changing.

Getting results actually became incredibly easy once I stopped trying to get results, and simply addressed the reasons why I was struggling in the first place.

This is what I learned from the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems.

Jenna Evans – Fitness Professional

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