Hello fellow transformation enthusiasts, my name is Iain Pearson. Each week I have been given the privilege of sharing my experiences of life before, during and after my 3rd Metabolic Precision Transformation Challenge.

Iain before...

Iain after his first program

Iain after his second program

Iain now...

I am a 38 year old, self employed hydraulics technician. I'm married with 2 teen/adult boys. As I said, this is my third 12 week program with the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems and you can see by my pics it is going well.

However, this time 12 months ago I was exactly where a lot of you are right now.

I know exactly what you are about the go through and what you might be feeling right now...

I use to tell myself, I was "big boned", I was happy with myself, and I was just a "big bloke". I joined the local fitness Centre near were I live in Hoppers Crossing, at the request of my wife. Or should I say she joined me up and told me later!

Then the best thing happened, (I didn't know it at the time) the Metabolic Precision Challenge was about to start.

I wasn't sure about it, so I attended the info session where Ms Sharlene Sault spoke. Cut from then to now, 12 months later, here I am 45kgs lighter, much fitter, healthier and much much happier. And am ready to do it again!

One important question you need to ask yourself is, "have I accepted that I need to change almost everything?"

I didn't understand this fully at the start.

In the beginning my MP Certified Coach tried really hard to get me to understand this.

There is sooo much to learn about this new and much better way of life. Sometimes you will get frustrated, you might even feel like giving it away. Understand what you are going through is a process - you will make mistakes and sometimes it might feel like its all a bit too much.

At first, it might be a little difficult putting all the little things into practice - even more difficult to tell those around you that this is the way you want to eat/live now. It's a choice.

I still have people asking me if I am starving myself to lose the fat. The irony is, following the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems I exercise a handful of hours a week and eat more food than I ever did, the difference is, now its the right stuff at the correct time.

The end of week 1 of my first challenge I was starting to see an interesting by-product of the changes I was making. My body was making some changes of it's own. I don't know what causes this, perhaps it was withdrawals from pies and chips, it may have been the lack of deep fried fast-food, could even possibly been the sudden injection of the colourful stuff I had sometimes seen on those cooking shows, vegetables I think they are called!

Imagine my embarrassment, I'm working with my female MP Coach that I have only just met, I am learning how to do barbell squats and lunges and.... I'm sure there was someone behind me with a whoopee cushion. Need I go no further! I have since learnt that this is fairly normal.

This photo I keep in my phone. I use it for a reminder of where I have been.

It was taken at a beautiful spot in the Otway Ranges this time 12 months ago. There was a waterfall there and a lot of steps to access it. I look at it often to remind myself what I was like. I weighed around 147kgs, had high blood pressure, chronic sleep apnea and a cholesterol level around the 13 mark (4 is normal). My Physician said 'I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen!' I don't ever want to forget what it was like climbing those steps after this photo was taken.

This is a pic of me now, 12 months on. I can tell you Metabolic Precision has changed my life.

I now sit at just under 100kgs, blood pressure is normal, sleep apnea has disappeared, my doctor is amazed. Metabolic Precision is now a way of life. Even 12 months on, I'm more excited than ever. I keep reading through my Metabolic Nutrition manual and try to absorb all that information on the web site - there's still lots to learn. Still a long way to go.

Till next week, train hard and eat well.

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