I have been living MP for a while now, as you know this is my third MP program. I love metabolically precise eating but it's the training I get a kick out of.

Iain before & after MP...

I workout at Hoppers Crossing under the expert eye of my Certified MP Transformation Specialist, Anna MacKenzie. Anna's workouts add a new dimension to the term intensity - a level I couldn't possibly achieve on my own. In a structured, methodical way, her programs always seem to push me to my limits and quite often beyond them.

I get to that point, I can feel my pulse in the top of my head. If you have been to that point you know what I mean. I sometimes finish my session and go to my truck parked outside, check the messages on my phone, pick up a pen to write something down and struggle to hold onto the pen. I have just been lifting massive weights and now I struggle to hold onto a pen.

Am I crazy?

Well I know now from doing MP that I would be crazy not to be training because of a little discomfort. I love the feeling I get after the
fatigue has gone. It is exhilarating, some may also say it is addictive, a natural high if you will.

Then the day after....there is a technical name for it. DOMS. Delayed onset muscle soreness. Whilst writing this blog I'm suffering from doms. I'm sore in my legs, I'm sore in my chest, I'm sore in my arms, hell it feels like I'm sore everywhere. I have come to expect DOMS the day after, sometimes I'm a little disappointed if I don't feel it. Crazy I hear you say! Not really. It just a part of effective training. It would be too easy to use this pain as an excuse to stop training.

Why is that?

People don't like pain. It hurts. The natural human instinct is to protect yourself from pain. I know I don't like pain but in Anna's words, " get over it grandpa."

When I first started training for these challenges the pain I felt was a different kind. Mainly in my ankles and knees. I wasn't getting much sympathy from Anna either, there were definitely times when I thought about stopping because of the pain. Instead I did what I needed to do to get past it, I used a physio at times I used ice (the type from the freezer not the intense cardio exercise) I also used heat packs. Sometimes I used the spa at the gym but often I figured that a light workout on the treadmill or crosstrainer would help too. I did what I needed to do to get through it.

The point is, I didn't give up, I couldn't afford to lose sight of my goals. My life depended on it.

Thankfully the joint pain I felt initially has all but gone, the persistence of pushing through has paid off for me. It also helps when you shed over 40 kgs of lard. My joints have thanked me for the weight loss, particularly in my ankles and knees. Now I can push even harder.

When you are feeling discouraged speak to your trainer, that's why they are there. Anna kept me on track through the difficult early stages.

While I am writing this I am also multitasking, yes I'm a man who can multitask. It is quite easy after a while. I am cooking.....

Let me start by saying I'm no gourmet chef. But cooking isn't hard once you gain the confidence to experiment. I was interviewed by Sharlene Sault a couple of weeks ago, during our chat the conversation turned to food. I was not sure which recipe of hers to try next. The MP Cookbible is full of great ideas and very tasty recipes to suit all. She said to me to just walk up and down the fresh food section of the supermarket and pick up veggies and a lean meat, throw it in the slow cooker with one of those slow cooker flavour packets. I did just that.

Today's experiment...

Chicken diced, capsicum (red, yellow, green), carrots, kidney beans, brown onions, chopped tomatoes, tomato cooking sauce, chilli flakes. This is similar to the chilli beef recipe in the Cookbible. I threw all of this into my slow cooker. Total time taken to prep, 10 minutes! Cook on low 6-8 hrs I guess. hmmmm it smells good. Don't know what it will taste like but it's very colourful. That's seven or eight meals taken care of. How easy is that!

Till next week, train hard and eat well.

Iain before and after Metabolic Precision
So far Iain's shed over 40kgs, of fat and he's not finished yet!
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