Can you run a successful PT business from home?

That’s a question I hear a lot from fitness professionals.

Trainers often make the mistake of assuming they need to lease a commercial facility or spend thousands of dollars on equipment to work with clients and compete with competition.

It's really easy to overspend, get into debit and then work 14 hours days forever to pay the overheads.

However, with the right systems and tools, you would be amazed at what some MP trainers have achieved working from “modest means”.

How modest?

Many of the MP Trainers I know run highly successful business from practically anywhere. For me, it’s a little shed in my backyard in a small town, rural Australia!

Can’t be done? Not at least without outlaying thousands of dollars?

Well I'm here to tell you it can be done and quite easily.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Kellie Moyle, a 30-something single mum who lives in a small town in rural Victoria. When I talk to Cribby (Dr Paul Cribb, CEO & Founder of he laughs and tells me the success I have achieved and the money I make would teach most businessman a thing or two.

Kel, the queen of the selfie, corrupting others at the MP Level 3 Certification.

After finishing school I had no idea what I wanted to do living where I am, in Hamilton - which Cribby calls the Australian outback!

Not quite, but close. Hamilton is a small rural town about 3-4 hours west of Melbourne (depending on what roads are available) with a population well under 10,000.

As a young woman there was not too much to choose from here after high school. I got a job in a bank, had a baby, worked my way up the corporate ladder and became a corporate fatty! I then moved to Sydney with my young son, trimmed up in the gym but after a failed relationship, moved back home to Hamilton to be near my parents and give my son some stability.

Kel’s been there & done the hard yards

Not knowing what the future had in store, my parents were on my back to take the first job that became available but I didn’t want just any occupation. I’d been working for others for the past 15 years and wanted to find something I was passionate about.

If I had to work for the rest of my life, I wanted to be happy doing it. It was at this point I decided to become a personal trainer - to help other women like me to change their lives. I became a qualified PT very easily but I wanted more.

I wanted to see if I could do a figure competition, I’d worked hard to get my physique back so wanted to see what I could do. I found a figure pro card holder/coach, thinking she could help me change my body even more. I started training under her guidance. I thought great! I’m training with a professional. She obviously knows what she’s doing…..

Was I wrong! I was over training and under eating, getting sick and injured. I screwed up my metabolism and ended the program with a severe thyroid condition I’m still working with.

I was living with my son in my parents home, on a farm. I had a small number of PT clients I would train in our old disused wool shed I turned into a very basic training facility. My clients paid me for training sessions in an old wool shed 10kms out of town. The cash was good but inconsistent; I had to still work behind a bar at night and as a remedial massage therapist to make money.

Kellie & her teenage son Jaidyn

The basic PT certification I completed taught me very little about nutrition. The failed figure comp experience taught me what not to do nutrition and training wise. I knew if I really wanted to help others I had to find more about putting training and nutrition together to work with real-life goals.

I did extra shifts working behind the bar to scrape up the funds to enroll in the MP Level 1 On-line Certification. This program gave me lots of info that answered my questions but it also gave me a system that made money. With some of the extra money I made, I enrolled in MP Level 2 The Transformation Specialist Certification.

On the road again….

I made the 6 hour round trip to attend the MP Level 2 event. I walked away having formed amazing friendships, networked with trainers doing just what I had wanted to do. It really was an eye opening weekend full of inspiration and people that were genuinely interested in helping you achieve a great business.

At MP Level 3 - always time for a rub in between the hard work….

Implementing what I learned in MP Level 2 my income improved even more. So I moved out of the family farm and into my own place closer to town -Hamilton. After MP Level 2 I now had a very good structure in my business and great new products to present my clients.

I surprised myself with how easy it was to help people and make great money from doing it. So of course when the MP Level 3 Athletic Conditioning Specialist Certification rolled around, I jumped back in the car for another 6 hour trip and a jam-packed weekend with wonderful, genuine people!

My MP Shed…

My MP Shed (as Cribby daubed it) is a small area of 3 x 7metres which is essentially a tiny 1 car garage in my back yard. Like Paul (Cribb) said people come to train and get results - as long as it’s neat and clean, they don’t care what the place looks like. I knew I could make it work!

My little MP Shed – it’s where I run a thriving business…

After I completed MP Level 3, I received an email from Paul wanting to know if I was interested in becoming a part of MP Level 4. I had no idea what was involved but based on what I had gained and experienced from MP Levels 1, 2 and 3 I wanted in!!!

Within a few weeks of signing up to MP Level 4, I had Dr Paul Cribb PhD, CEO and Founder of Metabolic Precision on my doorstep!

Paul was here to help me, to check out my little shed and see what I did. Over 4 hours, we discussed and devised a business plan, developed and refined my products to better help people but also create a structure for financial security. What an amazing, life-changing experience. What other fitness or business expert would drive an 8 hour round trip to come and spend time with you?

Selfie in the shed!!

That consult with Paul was the catalyst for some important changes.

The first plan for me was to set up an ICE group fitness product. I’d done a few 4 or 8 week bootcamps but nothing like this. I realized why my bootcamps where not working – no clarity in what clients get (and don’t get), not enough structure and synchronization with my other products as well as not enough value!

Within 6 weeks, I had over 50 signed up for my ICE group fitness. No money spent on advertising and no crazy offers that would cost me money later! Over the following few weeks with all the talk around town I signed up a total of 89 very happy and excited people!

I have 89 amazing people in my ICE Group fitness, no money spent on advertising, no crazy offers!

Then we had the MP Level 4 Corporate weekend in Sydney. OMG!! As soon as I got home I went straight to work and set up my Corporate program. That filled up in less than a few weeks. From there, people wanted in on my FIRE Program as well.

Here’s what my little MP Shed has done for me…

Before, I had over $12k credit card debt, a car loan and a mortgage totaling over $290k. My parents paid my sons private school fees each year. On my tax returns for the previous 2 years I had made a loss. In less than 12 months implementing MP I have NO credit card debt, I pay my sons school fees myself – he’s in high school, and have slashed my mortgage. I travel frequently and I still have money in the bank. I should also say I’m working about half the hours I use to and definitely no other part-time jobs.

The little MP Shed might have to go soon. I’m now looking at building a bigger shed in my back yard so my business can grow even more. I’ve looked at leasing a building in town but why would I want to pay all that money to someone else??

My MP Shed, where it all happens!

As I write this, I have a sick child at home today. I don't have to call in sick anywhere… I love the fact I'm now working 100% for myself from home, don't have to put up with an employer telling me what to do or the hassle of working with difficult personalities. I pay nothing to others, I keep 100% of what I make and am making 5 figures a month working literally a handful of hours a week.

I sometimes hear trainers say they can’t afford to make the next MP Certification. I think they can’t afford not to.

Kellie Moyle is an MP Level 4 Transformation Specialist with a completely self-indulgent shoe & handbag shopping addiction. Contact Kellie here.

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