How does The MP Level 1 Certification work?

The Level 1 Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems is usually $799 AUD. Now $397 for a limited time!

You gain instant access to MP Level 1 Professional Resources on-line; videos, audios, tutorials as well as a stack of other terrific material that will set you above the pack. Your Professional Resource Folder complete with Metabolic Nutritionist manuals be dispatched immediately after purchase. Please allow 10 week days for delivery and up to 15 weekdays for international deliveries.

Unlike most on-line programs, we personally help you achieve success. So nearly every month we host an on-line classroom to focus on key aspects of the program and provide upskilling However, as an MP Professional, you’ll also have email access to the MP support team which includes Shar and Dr Paul Cribb personally.

What do I receive?

The MP Level 1 Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems provides you

1. The Metabolic Nutritionist Resource manuals
2. Cookbible hard copy & online updates
3. Professional Audio Series
4. On-line Tutorials
5. Structured On-line learning platform
6. Professional Access to
7. Certification & Registration
8. The Industry Insiders
9. Success & Support Program
10. Guide to Special Populations

The Ultimate On-line Coach CMS first two MONTHS FREE

How long does the it take to complete?

Working full time or part-time to complete, most professionals get the job done anywhere between 3 weeks to 6 months.

That’s the beauty of learning on-line, you can complete the program in your own time at your own pace. You have 12 months access to the On-line Learning Platform but you have permanent access to all Professional Level 1 Resources.

When you feel confident enough, simply download and work through the exam tasks then email this back to us.

Just remember success is a journey not a destination. Almost every month we host a webinar on the key aspects and finer points of becoming a Transformation Specialist!

Does this Cert allow you to write meal plans?

Meal plans don't solve the problems your clients have.

And they don't enable you to create a name for yourself as an expert coach.

Think about this, even with a my three degrees and PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry, I could write you out the most nutritious, state-of-the-art meal plan in the world. Get the proteins, carbs and fats to the gram, type it out all nice on a google spread sheet and hand it to you on an e-platter...

How long would you follow it?.....a day or two, maybe a week?

Then consider, how do you refine it - contour it, individualize it, all without having to spend hours and hours?

How do you cater to personal preferences, embrace religious, socio-economical and cultural diversities?

Then consider how do you "teach" all this - Where do you start? What do you cover and when? How do you determine what the client has comprehended before you move to the next step?..

Remember that everyone learns differently, at a different pace, requires different tools, responds to different mediums - reading, comprehension, visual, verbal, acoustic etc. 

What I’ve discovered over 25 years of teaching nutrition is, when people really want to change, they really want a complete experience in performance living!

They want an exciting, engaging process that empowers them with the knowledge, skills and tools to give them the health and body they really want and keep it.

To deliver that level of service requires integrated systems that give structure and create an environment that turn all those good intentions into a lifestyle.

With the MP Level 1 Coaching Systems you deliver the gift of a tailored eating solution - a complete process to suit your clients needs perfectly every day.

The Professional quickly becomes renown for delivering a life-changing, highly individualized service whist remaining completely within their skill set.

Why is MP different to any other Nutrition Certification?

Knowing a lot about nutrition is one thing, knowing how to deliver it to anyone and change lives, that’s another matter entirely. Firstly Metabolic Precision gives you all the science-based information, in an easy-to-follow & learn format. However, MP empowers fitness professionals with all the skills, resources and systems to deliver a tailored nutrition solution that changes lives.

Another unique distinction is The Metabolic Precision program is exclusive to Fitness Professionals - the public cannot buy the materials anywhere. I’ve made MP an exclusive to Professionals so they have an elite, science-based, value-packed nutrition service. For this reason alone, MP Certified Specialists are highly sought-after.

Where ever there is confusion about what to eat, that’s where the MP Specialist shines through. Take a look at how it works....

So how does it work with my clients?

Firstly, we break it right down in to a structured learning format, so that you and the client know exactly what to focus on and when.The integrated systems ensure you and the client get the feedback required to confirm and consolidate each step. No confusion, no guess work. With this simple process, nutrition becomes very exciting, engaging and empowering for the Professional and the client alike.  Here's just a sample of what you deliver clients:

• How to critique the potential of any diet!
• Determine your clients nutritional IQ!
• Monitor & refine, no counting calories or following a diet!
• How to eat for any fitness-related goal!
• Metabolic Nutrition Timing: make food work for you!
• What the healthiest people in the world really eat!
• How to build Supplement programs!
• Metabolically precise meals in less than 10 minutes!
• Embrace religious, socio-economical and cultural diversities!
• Competitive bodybuilding, figure shaping & sports model nutrition programming
• Metabolic Classifying: identifies problems & the solutions, take your clients to the next level!

First you deliver the get cutting-edge science, all the tools, skills, systems and support - then you guide you  expertly your client through the tasks that help you refine and contour to their every need - so you provide a comprehensive nutrition solution that change lives

You don't deliver Nutrition you Deliver a Real Solution

It starts with the first Program which sets the foundation for subsequent Programs. The 12 Week Program is more like a complete experience in peak performance living. Here’s just some of the incredible information and systems you’ll be equipped with:

• Metabolic Classification: answers “when will I see results?”
• Match Exercise to Nutrition Level: the right type & amount of exercise for every client!
• Metabolic Priming: clarifies the objectives any program must meet for success
• The Steps to Create Metabolic Precision: get the body you want and keep it!
• What the Healthiest People in the World Really Eat!
• The FEONS: Foods Essential to Optimum Nutrition
• Yes! Chocolate, Red Wine & Coffee can be a part of your plan!
• Metabolic Nutrition Timing: how to make food work for you!
• Fast Delicious Nutrition with The MP Kitchen System!
• How to monitor, contour & refine without counting a single calorie!
• The Six Secrets to a Successful Transformation
• A Process that Turns Good Intentions into a Lifestyle
• Plus so much more!

Are there any extra or on-going fees?

No. Your enrollment fee ensures the ability to gain and retain certification as long as you want it as well as on-going access to and all MP Level 1 Professional resources, which we update almost daily! We really want you to succeed!

Does the MP Certification provide insurance to deliver the program to my clients?

The MP Professionals Insurance Solution gives you The Confidence & Security to deliver a life-changing service.

The MP Insurance Program is unique for Individual Fitness Professionals who have been bound by certification of Metabolic Precision to coach/train/educate members of the public and sports persons in the disciplines of general PT, Fitness, Cardio, Weight Training, Metabolic Precision, bodybuilding, powerlifting and Nutrition coaching. The MP Specialist can be covered for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability for up to $20,000,000. Each MP Certification Level can be covered, Professionals must complete the MP Certification before coverage is obtained.  Insurance rates are extremely competitive, learn more here.

Do your certifications qualify me to work in the fitness industry?

To gain insurance and work in the fitness industry in most countries, including Australia , you will probably need to obtain the basic certifying qualification. For example in Australia this is called known as Fitness Certs III & IV.

These are the basic qualifications required to gain insurance to work in the health & fitness industry.

These we do not provide.

The basic certification is just that - it's not designed to provide the all important systems, cutting-edge research, up-to-date skills, resources and product-packaging that gives you the edge in a highly competitive, congested industry - not to mention the support network professionals really need to succeed. A testimony to this is the alarming fact the average career span of a Personal Trainer in Australia is 3 months!

20 years ago when I was training clients you could get away with just providing great workouts. However, today's client demands a much more extensive, value-packed service. I've taken what I've learned in developing 3 successful businesses in the fitness industry, the completion of 3 degrees including a self-designed PhD, a stack of research awards and publications in this field.   

The end result is Metabolic Precision

However, when MP was on the drawing board I knew the last thing professionals needed was another fitness guru ego-maniac selling his beliefs and opinions. MP is based on the most progressive science and research. I've worked hard over the years to assemble the very best and often world-renown experts in all fields that are a key part of Metabolic Precision - take a look at the MP Advisory Board.

MP gives fitness professionals so many unique advantages, including an exclusive, value-packed product developed from science-based, research proven nutrition, exercise and businesses systems. Combined with all the expertise, resources and support they need to succeed.

Metabolic Precision is for those in the health and fitness industry that are really committed to becoming the best they can be.

Do I have to be a Personal Trainer to complete Metabolic Precision training?

It's not just Personal Trainers who complete our certification programs.

A variety of health professionals undertake MP training; sports coaches, nurses, naturopaths, nutritionists, other holistic therapists and people that genuinely want to become the best they can be.

Our courses are comprehensive but very easy to understand and follow. Definitely no University degree/background needed. As long as you have the desire to learn, you will definitely gain so much from Metabolic Precision.

Best of all you can secure your place for the MP Level 1 Metabolic Nutritionist program at a discounted price now.

Do I learn how to present, sell and implement all this great information?

Of course! MP gives professionals an exclusive product – they know how to deliver a truly unique experience & package people want to pay for!

The basic Cert courses don't provide any health & fitness business systems and they definitely don’t equip trainers with a business model that develops wealth. Conversely, many MP Professionals run their entire business and facility through the MP systems and resources obtained in MP Level 1 & 2 Certification.

MP gives new health & fitness professional everything they need, including a straightforward plan of attack to create a six digit income working 20-30 hours a week and that's just for starters. MP gives experienced professionals what they desperately want - systems that create time, expand their business and develop passive income. MP trainers that implement the MP Corporate Training Systems® (an additional product and fee) quickly add an extra 40-60K to their income in the first year.

Why not join our MP facebook community and talk to the hundreds of MP Professionals and their clients about the incredible, life-changing results so many are experiencing.

How can I secure my place? Is there a payment plan?

The MP Level 1 Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems is usually $799. NOW for a limited time  $397.

Get access and materials now! There's a additional fee for shipping your resource folder via registered delivery.

Be sure to ask about our payment plan option.

Why is Metabolic Precision Coaching so different?

People that enter 12 week challenges often throw themselves into exercise, 6-days-a-week, even twice-a day, they cut carbs, fats (and whatever else) in a misguided attempt to lose weight or even get "ripped".

The whole approach just isn't sustainable. The fat soon returns and the metabolic consequences are severe. The end result is an up-hill battle with the pudge that gets tougher to shift with each passing year.

Metabolic Precision systematically addresses where the individuals’ gone wrong in the past and paves the clearest path to success. MP creates the structure, individualization and sustained motivation that no diet or exercise program ever could.

Now here’s the real exciting part.....

Metabolic Precision is perpetual. Each 12 week program lays the foundation for even greater success in the next program. Often, subsequent programs yield better results, with less effort!

Thanks to a science-based, research-proven approach, our clients eat lots of delicious food, nourish their body and know how to exercise to achieve an amazing result they can keep - without starvation diets and hours each week clocked-up on the treadmill.

It's so much more impressive!

With the MP Level 1 Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems you get a distinguished, exclusive certification, but you also get the skills, resources and science-based systems that give you a real edge...

• Metabolic classifying – identifies the problems & gives the programming solutions.
• The MP 10 Points System – how to match exercise to nutrition level.
• Metabolic nutrient timing - make food work for you.
• Metabolically precise eating to speed recovery & fat loss.
• The MP Kitchen System - over 150 meals, each in 10 minutes or less.
• Monitor & refine, no counting calories or following a diet.
• Turn your clients "good intentions" into a lifestyle.
• Metabolic optimization of health, fitness & body shape all at once.

What’s the basic structure for a 12week program?

When the Professional takes a client initially for their first 12 Week Metabolic Re-Program – this sets the foundation for subsequent Programs. The 12 Week Metabolic Re-Program is more like a complete experience in peak performance living. Here’s just some of the aspects

• Metabolic Classification: identifies problems & gives the programming solutions
• Match Exercise to Nutrition Level: to determine the right type & amount of exercise
• Metabolic Priming: clarifies the objectives any program must meet for success
• The Steps to Create Metabolic Precision: get the body you want and keep it!
• What the Healthiest People in the World Really Eat!
• The FEONS: Foods Essential to Optimum Nutrition
• Chocolate, Red Wine & Coffee can be a part of your plan!
• Metabolic Nutrition Timing: how to make food work for you!
• Fast Delicious Nutrition with The MP Kitchen System!
• How to monitor, contour & refine without counting a single calorie!
• The Six Secrets to a Successful Transformation
• How to Turn a Good Intention into a Lifestyle
• Plus so much more!

Metabolic Precision is a complete system, that means, programming is perpetual. Even when your clients goals change, MP can be contoured to suit. That’s why Metabolic Precision is a totally revolutionary approach and a godsend to trainers. As an MP Provider, you always have a new product/program to present to your clients to keep them structured, accountable and motivated!

To get a feel for exactly what MP is all about, please check out the following...

Once you've read through The MP Level 1 Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems page, and you are not sure of anything specifically, just let me know, I'm always happy to personal answer questions.

I genuinely hope you'll join me in raising the standard of this industry to the next level!

Dr Paul Cribb PhD.

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