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One of the most compelling transformations I’ve seen. I actually didn’t know of Yvette’s remarkable achievements until a friend of hers actually contacted me via email. Yvette May has actually lost just over 53kgs of unwanted weight in less than 12 months.

Born in Australia, Yvette grew up on the beautiful Gold Coast in the state of Queensland. According to her MP Professional Ellie, Yvette’s mum past away when she was young and this didn’t make for an easy childhood which was spent taking care of the family.

At her heaviest, Yvette weighed over 100kg which is amazing considering her petite new body. It’s hard to tell where all that extra weight might have been. This made me even more intrigued to find out how Yvette achieved such a jaw-dropping result.

Success leaves clues...

Every year I have the pleasure of meeting, chatting to or interviewing people that have achieved amazing success with our program. They come from all different walks of life – all with very unique situations and circumstances. Ironically I seem to hear remarkable consistencies in the information these people share about their success.

Yvette said, “I went to the doctor for an overall check up and was informed that I was seriously over weight and very lucky not to have serious health problems. This really scared me, particularly as I have a 7 year old daughter that copies virtually everything I do. This was my reason why I had to do something now. I knew right then and there, enough was enough. The next week I joined the local Fitness Club at Robina, and met Ellie, my MP Professional.

Ellie explained, “Although many people experience this type of snap point, unless this phase in the decision-making process is harnessed and channeled, the energy disperses - the best intentions wane rather quickly. I immediately assessed Yvette via Metabolic Classification and implemented the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems. This quickly developed the structure and intrinsic feed-back that Yvette required. The Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems maintain a high level of sustained motivation and focus,” advised Ellie.

The result was, Yvette shed 16 kgs in her first 12 Week Program but there was much more to come.

Yvette's amazing transformation through 12 months

Often when folks see wonderful transformation pics like Yvettes’ people assume it must have been all smooth sailing, when in fact the opposite is true. Often the more dramatic the change, the tougher the journey. We all face the same obstacles; self-doubt that overwhelmed feeling and giving in to the status quo can seem like an easy option. Easy doesn’t always mean what’s best. In an effort to help others, Yvette was quick to point this out.

“Over the years I’ve developed negative thought patterns which is at times, really hard to overcome. Having so much self-doubt for so many years is hard to wipe away in just a few weeks. Even today I still have to keep reminding myself that I need to keep working on this,” Yvette said.

Yvette when on to say, “When I first realized I needed to change, the biggest challenge for me was nutrition, the food. I just didn’t know what to eat!! The more I searched, the more I read, the more confused I got. So many mixed messages, I was just overwhelmed by so much conflicting information.”

Ellie said, “ the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems are so empowering, the resources and the process we deliver and refine is so powerful and exciting...learning how to develop a metabolic momentum with clients that gets these changes is amazing.”

Ellie was quick to point out that, there were many times when Yvette wanted to stop. However the key is, she never gave in, she never stopped.

“I just keep reminding myself take one day at a time and focus only on this day and get ready for the next, get each day right. Sometimes this is better than trying to look up at the mountain, which can be a little overwhelming,” said Yvette.

Yvette and Ellie reaping the rewards!

“Ellie my MP Professional helped me in so many ways, I cannot thank her enough. I think a very important thing Ellie did was keep re-enforcing to me that success is a process. Sometimes it’s so important to have someone guide you on what to focus on first, what to get right straight away and what not to worry about until later. There are always new things to learn and implement along the way, even now,” said Yvette

Ellie went on to explain, “for example, when Yvette lost 16 kilos and then 30 kilos, she was in new territory metabolically and physiologically. While it can be tempting to gloss over things or rush through them, we worked through each consecutive Metabolic Program which systematically identified and helped us overcome a stumbling block we’d had in the past.”

“A big thank you to Shar for the MP Cookbible which is fantastic, combined with her Kitchen tutorials really helps to create a livable way to permanent change!” said Ellie.

Ellie also cautioned that it’s easy to let eager clients slip into the habit of performing too much exercise. “Matching exercise to nutrition level is so important for continued progress. Designing progression around the MP 10 Point system avoids overtraining and it makes exercise prescription so straightforward and effective! My exercise programming for Yvette may have shifted focus but we always use the MP 10 Points System and it works every time,” said Ellie.

Yvette before .......& the new improved version

The final word goes to Yvette, “I suppose the bottom line is, I’ve totally changed my lifestyle; - a little over a year ago I was a depressed, negative and extremely unhappy person. But now I feel like a totally different person. I love my life. I want to get out there and live life! I love pushing myself to new limits and I feel nothing can hold me back.”

The reality is, Yvette would never have achieved such a wonderful result if she had given up after 12 weeks.

The fact is for most people, the job's not done in 12 weeks. Just like Yvette, you never know how far you can go, or where it will take you, and if you stop how will you know...

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