I was born in Sydney but have spent most of my life in Cairns, Queensland. I consider myself a Queenslander! I moved to Melbourne together a little over four years ago and absolutely love it down here.

When I was a young boy my dad got me into sports, but eventually I drifted away from the sports and spent more and more time in front of the TV – either watching various cartoons or playing computer games. My life became increasingly sedentary and the quality of food I was eating progressively worsened. I was 120kg at 13, 180kg at 18 and stayed at 180kg+ well into my mid-20s.

Any wonder I was so out of shape when my regular breakfast would be 2 Bacon and Egg McMuffins, 5 hash browns and a large cup of heavily processed orange juice!

Eventually this lead to me being hospitalised with Type-2 Diabetes; doctors told me that I had to start losing weight otherwise I would face dire consequences. In all honesty it took me a few years to take it seriously, but eventually I joined my local gym in Cairns.

However like many gym-goers, my time at the gym (when I actually got down there) was poorly spent; too much talking and not enough working, and when I did exercise I had no idea of what I was doing. It was basically a case of copying what everyone else was doing, which many trainers will tell you isn’t a very good idea.

Eventually something clicked and I put more effort into my training, to the point where I was exercising 3 hours a day, 6 days per week and I thought I was the man. Problem was, my diet was extremely poor (“It’s ok I’ll work it off at the gym!”) and as much as I was an exercise machine, I was still extremely overweight and suffered from a very low self-esteem. It got to the point where I deliberately avoided all mirrors and could barely maintain eye contact with anyone I was speaking to.

Eventually these self-esteem issues became depression, as I was frequently exercising but my results were slow. I was still 160kg+, looking and feeling horrible.

My Snap Point…

An 18 hour-per-week exercise regime combined with a terrible nutritional approach is obviously unsustainable, unrewarding and, worst of all, pointless.

After 4 full years of doing this, what it got me was a 20kg reduction in bodyweight. Not good at all, and it started to take a toll. Anti-social behaviour, extreme self-doubt and zero self-confidence all came together in a large, overweight depressed man in his mid-20s.

My outlook towards myself, my life and others deteriorated to the point where I was a risk of serious self-harm. Fortunately I happen to have the world’s best mum who talked me out of it, and on that day at that moment I remember it like a switch being flicked in my head. I promised my mum and myself that I would turn my life around and be the best I could be, and I would succeed or die trying.

The first thing I did was address my eating. Out went the bad stuff – soft drinks, alcohol, fast-foods. In came the good stuff – fruit, veggies, lean meat, legumes, water. I didn’t eat less food; I just substituted all the garbage with lots of quality.

I then addressed the exercise problem. 2.5-3 hours per day, 6 days a week is unsustainable physically and mentally. On good advice I cut it back to 5 days per week (still too much, in hindsight) and broke up weight training and cardio exercise and did only one on each day.

Within 2 years of that day, I had come down to 115kg and people thought I either played football professionally or was in the army. I was fine with either.

My challenges….

Patience was probably the biggest challenge. Just as weight gain is slow and steady, so is weight loss. We all want it to happen now, but it just simply doesn’t work that way. I got into a good routine with good habits and then let the consistency add up while I put more effort into my career.

Because I had found my why and it was powerful, it never entered my mind that I would fail, or quit. I made a promise and I was sticking to it. I think the years of treading water had put a bad enough taste in my mouth where there was never going to be any other outcome.

What training tips for transformation would you give someone in your previous situation?

EXERCISE LESS! More is absolutely not the answer. Don’t be afraid to seek help and focus on doing what you’re doing correctly, not just doing more.

I’m answering these questions from the comfort of my own Personal Training Studio. I wouldn’t have this had I not become a Level 1, 2 and 3 MP Certified Transformation Specialist. From a professional standpoint if it wasn’t for MP I believe I’d have washed out of the industry by now.

Now as I'm undertaking the Level 4 MP Certification I have the skills to take my service tot he highest possible level, but also in a facility that Level 4 gave me the confidence to create.

The structure of MP in every respect is incredible – from the initial consultation process to the training itself (FIRE and ICE) and how I and my clients divvy up our time each day. MP has made life both as a professional and as my own MP client so much easier to manage with confidence. The way this program empowers people is, for lack of a better word, priceless.

My studio is based entirely around MP principles – FIRE, ICE, Metabolic Nutrition and soon I’ll be launching my MP Online Coaching program.

As we all know there's a lot of noise and conflicting information out there, and as a health professional MP allows us to deliver the latest science-based prescriptions to our clients who want and deserve the best possible service.

Words of wisdom…

As a trainer it allows me to structure a client's journey from 12 weeks to 12 months, all the while ensuring what they are doing with their training is matching that they are doing nutritionally.

MP also lets us deliver the 1%ers that may go unnoticed but add a lot to a client's experience – knowing how to assess and then progress each individual so that they're always moving forward and getting better, for example.

Even what seems like the really little things – the fantastic, underused and underrated mp-body.com search engine! This thing is absolute gold and I love being able to look up information on the spot to help a client with any questions. Having the facts on hand is an immense help!

My Favourite workout…

My current leg workout is a bit more advanced while still adhering to the principles of MP FIRE training

Barbell squats, 2 working sets*
Barbell rear-block split squats, 2 working sets
Leg press, 1 working set
Single leg press, 1 working set
Barbell stiff-leg deadlift, 1 working set
Calf-press – 1 working set

*denotes MP warmup protocol before working set

My Favourite MP Cookbible recipe?

Really hard to go past the slow-cooked beef chili! So easy to prepare and a wonderful smell and taste to come home to at night!

Some of Matt's awesome Transformations:





Matt Wolfs is MP Level 4 Certified and an MP Mentor – one of select few highly regarded MP Specialists that offer an internship program of excellence for trainers. Contact Matt here.

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