Meet Karen Harrison, a 44 year-old wife and mum who works two jobs. Karen's been following The Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems to the letter for over 6 months. In fact, she’s now completed three 12 week programs.

Karen Harrison before and after

Here's Karen's accomplishments to date.

MP Program 1   lost 3 kgs in weight, 67cm in girth measurements.
MP Program 2  lost another 10kgs and 78cm in girth measurements
MP Program 3  lost another 11 kgs and 12cms in girth measurements.

A Total Loss of 24 kgs and over 150 cms total.

Karen – a Melbourne-born girl works as a medical receptionist and beauty therapist. Married to Jeff, they have two terrific girls Cassandra (6 years old) and Rachael (9 years old).

“Me, a beauty therapist!!” Karen laughs out loud as she explains “who would ever have thought that…but seriously the only reason why I went for the job was because I have changed so much. I was half way through my 2nd MP program and I looked fantastic!! I’d lost the weight I wanted to lose, I was so confident and believed in myself!”

Matt Shepherd, Karen’s MP Certified Coach intercepts “Karen’s new nickname is the Beast because her strength gains have been incredible. Kaz can deadlift over 80kgs, easily.” Matt said proudly. “ However, as her body has transformed Karen now has these phenomenal feminine curves, she’s become a beauty and the beast in one!”

Karen adds, “yeah no-one messes with me!!!”

Karen had been going to gyms on and off since she was 20 year old.

“I have literally been on one heck of a rollercoaster ride when it come to weight loss programs. My weight just went up and down for so many years. Upon reflection I simply had no purpose/no direction in my approach,“ confessed Karen.

“I set foot in the local Fitness Club, as it was close to home, so I thought I’d pop in for a look. I had only been a member for 2 weeks when I saw advertisements for a free Fat Loss seminar  for all members by Dr. Paul Cribb. I was curious.”

Karen adds, “It’s funny now, but I had no desire what so ever to seek the guidance of a personal trainer prior to joining up with the gym. Now I can honestly say that deciding to sign up for that very first Metabolic Precision Challenge was the best thing I've ever done for my self!"

“However, when I heard Paul talk about all the mistakes people make and living a snap point – that’s when the hair stood up on my neck.

My snap point was when I saw a family pic of me holding a koala at a wildlife park. OMG! I looked like I was 6 months pregnant.

I just looked shocking. In fact, I hated the pic so much, I took to it with a pair of scissors and cut myself out of the photo from the waist down. No stomach on show. The weight had just crept on over the years……and I didn’t really care. I had a family to care for, but seeing this photo struck a very deep nerve. I had experienced my snap point!”

“It just so happened that I had just finished studying natural medicine just before Paul’s seminar. I remember one very pertinent statement Paul made that night, he said success comes down to constructing the correct metabolism. The only tools we have to construct the metabolism for success are how we eat and exercise.”

“It was like a light bulb that flashed above my head. Everything Paul spoke about that night connected with everything I felt was right. It all made sense. You see, I’ve done all the fads and mainstream weight loss programs etc, etc. I learned nothing. Metabolic Precision is so different – it addresses every problem, every stumbling block that had stopped my progress in the past.

Karen says “Here is one very important point I’d like to make..... At the end of Paul’s seminar, I wanted to know more about MP so I started to look around the room for a certified Coach but they all looked so young, I thought how could they have the knowledge or experience to help me?

I know that sounds terrible but that’s what I thought and what I know a lot of people think.

“However, when I started talking to Matt I could tell he had a great product, he knew Metabolic Precision very well. He listened and had a very reassuring, professional manner. Matt’s confidence in what he was presenting was the real clincher for me,” explained Karen.

All smiles! Karen & Matt celebrating Karen's victory at the Metabolic Precision Awards Evening

“Being female, I really had to change the way I thought about weight loss. Before, it was all about kilos, kilos, kilos and watching those scales. Now, I know it’s the complete opposite - as soon as I stopped focusing on the scales and followed metabolically precise eating, the weight fell off. It’s about structuring a metabolism for perpetual success. Just look at my results.”

"That's what sets The Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems apart from anything else,  the results get better and better the longer you stay with it. Yes, I did lose weight but I've gained so much happiness for the rest of my life,” smiled Karen.

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