Imagine spending the last 10 years serving your country, completing 2 tours of Iraq to walk away from a distinguished career in the military to start a business in the fitness Industry?

Even more impressive, how about opening your own studio from nothing, developing a thriving business, becoming a renown Transformation Specialist and Super Endurance Athlete all in about 12 months.

No mater what he's training for Dave uses the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems.

Think you’d be busy?

From soldier to successful business owner & Super Endurance Athlete - that's a year with Transformation Specialist Dave Oulton.

When you talk to Dave’s clients, you get the feeling they’re in awe of him and I can see why. “Honest as the day is long….”, “genuine…. “calls it as he sees it….”, “not adverse to dishing out some tough love on occasions….” are some of the insights I gained from those he works with. However, if you had to sum up Dave Oulton in one word, it would be magnanimous.

What Dave has achieved in the last 12 months is remarkable to say the least. So I was keen to get Dave to share his insights on transformation and how he built an amazing business.

PC: Dave that Cockney accent's a killer, where you where born?

Dave: I was Born in Pembury, Kent in United Kingdom and then raised in a little town called Towcester Northamptonshire (1 hour north of London). I have two younger brothers.

PC: What got you into fitness?

Dave: I was always drawn to being active. I played soccer at a high standard until I was 18. I got my first gym membership at the age of 12 and have never looked back. I ended up working at the local leisure centre as a gym instructor.

When I wasn’t studying I was at the gym working or training. I then joined the Royal British Air Force Regiment as an Infantry Soldier so being physically fit was a requirement of the job.

Dave in the middle right, completed two tours of Iraq with the Royal British Air Force Infantry Unit.

PC: Wow, that is a career move. How long where you in the RAF?

Dave: All up just under 10 years in the British Armed Forces- RAF Regiment, Infantry Unit, Queens Colour Squardon. My rank was Senior Air Craftsman. Among other things I completed two six-month tours, Special Operations in Iraq 2003 and 2007.

PC: What made you get into personal training?

Dave: I was lucky enough for the Armed Forces to pay for my basic cert in Personal training in 2009. Physical training was a requirement of being a soldier but I loved every minute of it. I was always one of the fittest on my squadron and others would always ask me for advice. I liked being a role model, so I knew that being a Professional was a natural progression.

Dave uses the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems to get fantastic results with all his clients - Kristy Jackson

I moved to Australia in 2009 and got a good job as manager in a commercial fitness center in Melbourne. I was working 60 or more hours per week and holding up a group fitness timetable that had 30 plus pre-choreographed group classes in it per week, that’s 30 hours of exercise. I was tired and making myself very Ill, losing weight and motivation to carry on.

But I was “safe” I received a good salary, a company car and was left to my own devices. I built this commercial gym up from having 10 members in 2009 to well over 1200 by the time I left. So I had a big attachment to the place.

PC: Okay, your background in fitness is extensive so what made you sign up to become a Metabolic Precision provider?

Dave: Like most Personal Trainers, nutrition was grey area for me. I mean, I knew a lot about nutrition but knowing how to deliver it in a stress-free way that changes an individual’s life…Now that requires systems. I enrolled myself in MP Level 1 Metabolic Nutrition On-line and I think my income doubled just from completing that MP certification alone.

Within a short time I was getting inundated with people wanting me to take them through Metabolic Precision. However, there just wasn't the time to fit them all in and still be a gym manager. I had out grown my position. By that stage I was MP Level 3 Certified and I think I nearly snapped your arm off to get into the MP Level 4 program.

PC: Yeah, you did! Its only started to come good now...

Dave: I was recently divorced and I also have two young boys but I made the decision to give it all up. I walked away from a secure 80K a year position to start from scratch, ground zero.

After you helped us map out a clear plan of attack, my partner Trish Veug and I searched and found an empty shell. We used the MP Level 4 systems to set up the Ab factory in 18 hours.

That's paint on the walls, cells up and classes started. We were signing people up as the paint was drying on the walls.

Dave, why is Trish doing all the work?

I didn't take one client from my previous facility. We built a new family of over 80 clients in less than 6 months. I replaced my entire years salary from my old job in 3 months.

MP enabled us to open the Ab Factory. In fact our entire business runs on Metabolic Precision systems. People travel from all over Melbourne to take part in our ICE training. Our FIRE program is constantly booked out and we don’t spend a cent on hit-n-miss mail-outs or advertising campaigns.

Our Corporate programs fill up six months in advance and our outrageously successful On-line Coaching system gets amazing results. Four of our clients have been finalists in the MP Challenge and we’ve produced 2 Grand Champions that have taken home the $5000 and $10,000 prize money. Not bad for an ex-soldier eh?

 Dave's client Tim Yates, a Type-1 diabetic, follows the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems to stay healthy & in great shape

Time is a precious commodity. One of the greatest benefits to building your business on great systems is that we only work about 8-12 hours a week! Yeah, 8-12 hours a week, that’s not a typo, we follow the MP Level 4 systems to the letter.

Most importantly, we love the people we work with because everyone of them is fully committed to becoming the best they can be and our results speak for themselves.

In 2013 while I built my business from scratch I also trained 6-8 hours a day and completed an Ironman, a couple of full marathons, won my class in Tough Mudder Melbourne and completed in the Worlds Toughest Mudder 24hours in the United States.

This year I’ll be competing in the True Grit 24 hour obstacle race, Spartan Ultra Beast 42km, Melbourne Marathon, the Bussleton Ironman, the Geelong Half Ironman and the Melbourne Ironman. I can do all this while our business never misses a beat. So it would be safe to say MP has give us our dream lifestyle.

PC: That is one heck of a story Dave! I know we really haven’t gone into much of it but I think other trainers and their clients will very inspired by what you’ve achieved. Several of your clients have won the MP Transformation Champion title, could you provide five great tips on transformation our readers can use?

Dave: Sure, happy to! Firstly, for a successful transformation you must have accurate data to work with. People that don’t record their food and training accurately make improvements impossible. A Transformation Specialist cannot make accurate adjustments to a program without it. Almost always I find the more remarkable the transformation, the more effort and detail is in the food recordings. Conversely, people that complain of poor results don’t show me quality data.

Rachel Oliver coached by Dave with the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems

Second, data will not only identify compliance and accountability but also this information will reveal your habits. The problem with people’s habits is, they require a systemized approach to identify, break and create new ones. This is exactly what the MP process does fantastically. I recommend to my new clients to simply focus on just one bad habit at a time. We call this a cornerstone habit and it usually underpins a host of others.

Third, clients often fall in love with exercise and end up doing too much of it for too little result. I follow the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems for all my training and all my clients. Not matching your exercise to your nutrition level at the start of a transformation is the quickest way to plateau in fat loss which causes frustration and eventually abandoning your program.

My fourth key point for a successful transformation is a Support Network. Another great aspect of MP is that you never need to explain what you are doing to friends and family, it is just appears as though you’re prepping and eating lots of delicious meals. MP gets incorporated into the family seamlessly and when you make minimum fuss it will get minimum resistance. My clients end up getting the entire family on the MP program without them even knowing it.

Dave knows the success of his clients and his business comes from a large strong support network that goes beyond a small business

My final transformation tip is slow down and enjoy the process! Yeah, success is a journey, not a number on the scales! Remember a great nutrition plan is never really about protein, carbs and fats...

My advice is don't place so much pressure on yourself to be perfect - it's not required or desired for success. Yes that piece of cake at a family wedding won’t make a difference. Particularly, if you make sure you have planned and executed in all other areas. Enjoy all the great delicious MP food, Kitchen systems, recipes and super efficient workouts...its all designed to give you back your most precious commodity, time!

Dave's built an incredible life and business for his family with the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems Shar and I are so thrilled and proud of him.

Dave Oulton is an Transformation Specialists contact him here.

If you would love to build a career, transform yourself and help others, read more about the Metabolic Nutrition Coaching Systems. 

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