My, oh my, how times have changed. Average is no longer good enough. We’re finally at a point where we EXPECT better than average.

Is that what does it?

Our thoughts and expectations change and then our actions follow suit.

We expect better than average and we get it. Is our brain really that powerful?

In a word, yes. It is that powerful. When we change our thoughts, we change how we “show up” in situations, and this change our actions.

Yet all too often we don’t even stop to think about this. We are content to get by as we have been. Middle of the road, middle of the pack, heck you aren’t failing so why bother striving for more?

So many people wander through life content with average. Consider this: If you’re average, 50% of everyone else is better than you.

Is that really good enough?

Is this the mentality with which you approach your training or nutrition?

When we change our thoughts, we change how we “show up” in situations, and this change our actions.

The simple fact is that 50% of the people who start an exercise program drop out within 6 months.

So, even if you just simply “stick” with your program but never push yourself, you’re still at the “average” 50% mark.

If you go into the process of lifestyle change with the expectation that you’ll fail, you probably will. It’s funny how self-fulfilling prophecy works.

I recall a conversation I had with a woman, I'll call her "Mary" just before she started her MP journey. Mary told me that she wasn’t sure that MP would work for her.

Mary had never been successful in losing weight before and she was sure this time wouldn’t be any different.

Wow, going into something thinking it is going to fail is the number one way to make it fail!

I assured Mary that MP paves the clearest path to success. You simply do the walking. That part was up to her.

It took a bit of self-examination for Mary to realize that she didn’t believe she could succeed. Her pattern with many things in life was to mentally sabotage her own success. This mental sabotage quickly turned to the physical failure Mary was hyper focused on.

Bringing this thought pattern to light enabled Mary to change her mental direction and finally succeed in her weight loss goals.

Mary realized the physical effect that her thoughts were having and she was able to develop a plan for change that would yield her desired outcome—a positive thought pattern and success with her plan.

It can be kind of scary when you consider that the average person has anywhere from 50,000- 70,000 thoughts per day.

Scary in the sense that most of those thoughts go unchecked. We let all kinds of thoughts run through our head and without a doubt we pay the price.

It is much like letting a herd of wild boar run through your beautifully manicured lawn and into your pristine mansion of a home. When they are finished you are left with what looks more like a war zone than the peaceful scene it once was.

The average person has anywhere from 50,000- 70,000 thoughts per mindful of what you tell yourself every day or you will pay the price.

When you have a thought, your brain releases chemicals and an electrical transmission goes across your brain. You then become aware of what you are thinking and your body reacts physically.

These physical reactions are what lie detector tests are designed to measure. The temperature and sweat rate of your hand, as well as your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, and muscle tension all change in response to the thoughts you have. The responses are either one of stress or one of relaxation.

There you have the solid evidence proving that our thoughts have physical ramifications.

So let me ask you this: where was your head when you started your MP journey, and how has your experience been thus far?

Are you just going through the motions? Do you doubt that you will succeed? Are you content with just getting by?

If Peter Norris told himself he would fail at the start, he probably would not be this fit now..

At what point will you start to expect more of yourself? At what point do you take responsibility for your thoughts? At what point do you strive for excellence?

Don’t just ask yourself what you want to accomplish – ask yourself what the plan is to get there. Expect to succeed and be willing to make the tough decisions.

Average means you give into your cravings.

Excellence means you find an alternative and show the discipline necessary to get you to the next level.

Her pattern with many things in life was to mentally sabotage her own success.

We all make mistakes, so be able to be resilient as well. Just because you miss a workout or a meal here and there doesn’t mean that you should give up on your plan all together. It just means you get right back to it and keep that positive attitude that moves you toward your goals.

Yvette May had focus and faith in her MP Trainer, look at her progress through her MP Programs.

Not everyone is going to be a competitive athlete. Not everyone will go to the World Cup. Not everyone will win titles and championships. But everyone can succeed. You can be your best version of you.

You have that power within you.

You must focus and take responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

Don't forget, the average person has anywhere from 50,000- 70,000 thoughts per day. Practice this mantra: “I deserve success". Until you change your brain, you won’t change your body. Be mindful of what you tell yourself every day, your body will follow your thoughts.

The Y factor

Alongside 14 years experience in personal training and a stack of certifications, Michelle Adams has a Bachelor’s and Masters degree from the University of South Carolina. Michelle is an accomplished athlete, having won the 2006 IFBB Toronto Figure Championships and has now moved into marathon and ultra marathon running. Michelle is a MP Level 4 Certified Metabolic Precision Provider and enjoys nothing more than helping people learn the truth about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. 

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